Our Team

Lutz Schilling

20190323 IMG 6364

It all started out as a hobby to keep my dog busy and to be active with him. I have been involved with Agility for eight years now - it has quickly become my absolute passion!

Before the management of the HSZ Rhein-Main I was a qualified teacher, after my time as an officer in the Bundeswehr, many years in the private sector in management and management positions. My organizational skills are now at your disposal!

At the Hof Tannenberg I ensure smooth processes and I am your first point of contact for all organizational matters. It's all about sharing my passion with you and your four-legged friends.

I look forward to welcoming you to Hof Tannenberg.

Lara Brown

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I have been active in dog sports since my youth and whether it's agility, herding, swimming, dog scooters or tricks, I do anything with- and for my four-legged friends.

The search for a suitable location took quite a long time... my demands were high. All the more I am glad to be able to realize my dream of owning the dog sports center on the Hof Tannenberg.

My vision goes beyond a pure training locality - it's more about providing you with a place where you can achieve your sporting goals stress-free.

In addition to my freelance work as an interior designer, I am primarily responsible for administrative matters at Hof Tannenberg.

I look forward to your visit!


20190323 IMG 6305

Generalissimo of
Nonexistent Future Security Forces

Ready to control! Ready... for what may come. Always ready to do what no one has asked her to do and she would go through fire for us!

As a retired athlete and self-appointed security chief of the farmyard, her priorities are clear: Safety First - always one step ahead.

Jack (alias "Schokobear”)

20190323 IMG 6292

Senior Accessibility Supervisor

Our oldest employee with Peter Pan syndrome and an accessibility audit officer.

His motto: "What stands in my way, can get out of the way or should hitchhike"! Joking aside, he's the actual CEO here and likes to get his staff to jump for you! Indispensable, his vision... even if he does not see anything, he always has a good nose for things!

Blackjack (aka. „Ratatatt”)

20190323 IMG 6301

Central Suspiciousness Agent

At heart he's too cool for this world. He turns suspiciousness into a virtue and keeps his surroundings firmly in view. His cute appearance is his best camouflage. These qualities make him an indispensable part of the security concept.

But when it comes to agility, he forgets his camouflage and the inconspicuousness is gone. The ultimate goal is then to bark louder than his master.


20190323 IMG 6259

Dynamic analytical Quartermaster

Quasi the Sheldon Cooper among dogs. He is an absolute nerd, especially when it comes to agility and watching TV. If there is a course to test somewhere or flicker on the screen, he is there. He's always got an eye on technology and e'Q'uipment.

He was a little surprised to hear that you as guests may use his courses and equipment. So do not be surprised if he, disguised as one of yours, tries to sneak into your training.

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